The Cambridge Dilemma.

I have been besotted with Cambridge Satchels for a long time and what’s funny is that I don’t know if it really has been a long time or if time just slows down when I’m drooling over them. Since their fluoro satchels have been spotted on trendy people they’ve become something of a desirable item and it really kills me that I don’t have one. Even if I could buy one (something I’m thinking about very solemnly for my birthday!) I have no idea what colour I’d pick out. It’s the kind of bag that I could only ever buy once, because even though it’s a reasonable price for a Super Fashunable Thing, it’s still a fairly expensive thing. I’ve never spent over $50 on a hand bag in my life!

A collage of lots of outfit photos of me with a green, red and pink Cambridge Satchel pasted over every outfit.

I’m so drawn to the colourful satchels and in the best possible universe scenario I’d buy a bright green one. I was thinking about this with such intensity that I decided to superimpose a little green bag over different outfit photos to see if it’d fit in to my style (this is where outfit photos are super handy!) I found that the green stuck out too much for my liking. Even though that’s what I really liked about it! Then I added a red satchel and found it fit better, but because I do tend to wear blocks of red I didn’t want to appear too matchy matchy. So I added the light pink satchel… and I think I like it best!

If you have never had the opportunity to gaze upon the perfection of a Cambridge Satchel, avail yourself right now of the website. And then tell me which colours you are obsessed with so we can all sit around weeping with desire together.

And if you don’t want to be tempted by beautiful bags, come read my interview with Lesley for


  1. As much as I am purple obsessed I think I would get a red one. Husband wants a bright orange one. 

  2. hahaha yep – i feel your pain! when harry was getting his hair cut in a salon that sells them i had to convince myself i didn’t need one.  it took a very long hair-cut time of convincing.

  3. I am still kicking myself for not buying the brown one I found for $50 on sale in Urban Outfitters when I was in New York last. TIME MACHINE PLS.

  4. I was thinking that the pink one worked best with all your outfits, before I scrolled down and read that you thought so too!

  5. My immediate reaction based on these photos is to vote for red.. but I think any of them would add a nice element to your wardrobe. I’ve had a look at these bags too, I think if I was shopping for me I’d get purple. Alas, I’ve blown my birthday-bag-budget (yes, that’s a thing) on this lovely satchel from j crew in maroon:

  6. I would get the green or red one. I dont think the pink one would be as versatile as those two.  Alternately the purple one is also fabulous.  When I saw your outfits I immediately thought green for you though.

  7. Hey! these bags remind me of the 80’s backpack my older cousin used in Russia. Pretty neat, huh?
    I was looking at those as well. All the colors seem really  bright, but thats also me saying, someone who is from NY and maybe it may not mesh well with all the grey buildings.
    I would pick red of the three because it is a solid sexy/confident/elegant color. BUT pink looks gentle/subtle ..
    AND if it was an option, I would go for the classic Brown color, because it would look richer than the other colors. It would definitely go well with way more things and add a touch of natural softness. You would be able to wear it as briefcase for work, or for a stroll at the beach, or a night out or day in the city. It reminds me of Ralph Lauren comfort. And it may look better worn than the other colors. Whereas the pink might look dirty, but the brown may look western rugged! Since it is leather and you expect to keep it for a long time, that is something to consider. hmm.. its just one perspective! Options are definitely a hassle. 
    I would just get two different colors if you know you are going to wear it often…Just to be on the safe side. :p 

  8. mmhm. how I love J.CREW!!!! and that is a great bag. I was looking at mother went to Italy a few years ago and even though Prada is everywhere, she decided to treat herself and got a Prada bag in almost the same color as that. We share bags, but I dare not wear that one and I have been looking for something similar.. zilch! This bag though…The color is just so rich and deep and brings the same (if not better in its own way) chic a black bag does. congrats, happy birthday lady :)

  9. Hey,I like your bags because its remind me my school time. When am going school with the bag which is  same like yours bag .Thanks for this post.I like pink more than others .Keep it up.

  10. I think the green looks great with all but one of the outfits, so I think you should get it since it was your first love.

  11. It’s funny, when I looked over your photos (before reading) I had already decided the pink was the best choice.

    I like the navy, classic red, purple, and yellow. The trunks are pretty awesome too.

  12. ohhh i have one in red but i didnt know about the other two colours! love them! i tend to go towards the pink but then the extrovert in me says be different and go for the green lol x

  13. im a fan of the pink one for sure…btw love your blog..ton of fun!!!!I make handmade in NZ lipsticks and eye colours…we do a pink like the satchel!!!!it would soo match!have a peek if you desire?..:)
    facebook : 
    blog :
    keep up the fab work…xx

  14. This is a very late comment but without even reading your paragraph about which colour bag, I came to exactly the same conclusion as you! Green is too sticky-outty… red is nice but is a bit matchy-matchy with a lot of your things… pink is GREAT.

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