No diet talk; a badge for your blog.

So, it should be no surprise that I completely object to participating or being submitted to any kind of diet or weight loss talk. The way I see it, 99.9999999% of the world around me is a space where diet talk is not only normal but an insidious disease festering inside the relationships between women folk that masquerades as bonding.

In an effort to make it even more clear that I do not want this kind of self esteem eroding, multimillion dollar marketing scam bullshit infecting my life and this blog I’ve been working on a graphic for websites and blogs to use to proudly declare NO DIET TALK! This is a way for those of us who are made uncomfortable and triggered in conversations that centre around diet and weight loss to feel a bit safer, and I’m hoping that the graphic is spread far and wide.

Right click and save to your computer friends, then upload to your website!
These are all transparent png files for optimal stencilesque radness and to fit in with a wide variety of site designs. The white graphic has a black background added in with CSS, it will look great on most dark backgrounds.

I’m releasing this graphic in a few different colour variations under a Creative Commons Non Commercial No Derivatives license which means you can share the image and post it where ever you want on the internet, but you can’t modify or use it for commercial means.

I’m going to be making up brooches with this design too, so stay tuned!

Here’s some further reading on diet talk and why it sucks:
The anti diet-talk mantra by Sonya at Lip Mag
FAT: The Dirty Word by Mary at A Merry Life
Trimming the fat from “fat talk” on The-F-Word
Dear Dieters; A Letter to People at Work by Marianne at The Rotund


  1. Can I please turn it into an icon for my LiveJournal blog? I would need to make the graphic completely square and resize it to 100×100 pixels, which might violate your license.

    Oh, and I’d do the purple one, as purple is ‘my’ colour.

  2. I love the grey-ish one and the black one! I reckon it will look great against pretty much every background.

  3. Oooh thankyou! Can’t wait for the brooches! You will have a whole line of fat jewellery soon! How awesome! 

  4. I love this Natalie! Thanks for being awesome and creating this. I added it to my blog – Now if it could just follow me around in real life :)

  5. As soon as I saw this I was all “I wish this was as a badge I can wear on my body” and then I read the rest of the post and saw that you’re actually some kind of psychic wish granting genie. Can’t wait! <3

  6. Hey, I put this on my blog, but just took it off because I thought I should check… Is it ok on a food blog? I’m an anti body shaming, anti fat phobia feminist, but my blog is about vegan food, so some might see it as being entirely about diet (it isn’t to me, but that’s not the point). In the past I have had my own issues with body and diet shame, and occasionally that has come into the blog, but no longer, and I’ve been removing it where I see it in past posts.

    I just don’t want to help in an unhelpful way.

  7. I think it’s perfectly fine to add it to your vegan food blog! Part of the no diet talk deal that I omitted from this post (and I’ll probably write about it at length soon) is body autonomy, and while we seek to create spaces that don’t talk about dieting, the weight loss industry or weight loss itself (in a non-critical way!) we should also strive to respect each person’s right to do with their bodies what they want.

  8. Hi Natalie,
    Dunja from Lip Mag here … thanks so much for the link to Sonya’s piece, she’s a wonderful writer. And just wanted to let you know that we’ve added the badge to the site!

  9. Hi Natalie,
    Dunja from Lip Mag here … thanks so much for the link to Sonya’s piece, she’s a wonderful writer. And just wanted to let you know that we’ve added the badge to the site!

  10. This badge is awesome! Thanks so much for creating it! I hope you had a good start into the new year and I really love both the design and the message of your blog ♥

  11. I like your badge, although it’s the first time I come across this concept. I respect it and think it’s a good idea. I’m also anti-diet, however I believe in the French approach of
    “balance and moderation”.

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  14. This is wonderful, Natalie. Thank you for sharing! I’m adding this to my blog ASAP. When I see this badge — which I just did, and then clicked through to your site — it does indeed put me at ease!

  15. I just stumbled on this now, lol. I love it and will be using it for my blog that I have started up as well.

  16. I just came across this through other blogs who shared the badge. Thank you so much! I am going to put it on my blog, too!

  17. Hi there! Just added your button to my blog. I don’t write about body image on my blog (not yet at least) but I support fat acceptance and activism. Thanks for the button!

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