More ugly illustrations.

At the risk of more people misunderstanding this UGLY PRIDE concept, I present two more illustrations. I’m still working on a “manifugsto” of UGLY, so please bare with me as I wrestle with this through illustration. It should be emphasised that this is a reclamation of UGLY and not self pity or fishing for compliments. Pls and thankyouverymuch. :)

Illustration of a fat babe in undies with rollers in their hair and a cigarette hanging out of their mouth which is streaming smoke that says “Ugly + don’t care”.
Illustration of a beehived babe letting out a burp with the text “Belching bitch” written in a burp cloud.

Available on t shirts, stickers, mugs, posters, bags, etc on Red Bubble and Cafe Press. (Cafe Press has plus sized t shirts!)


  1. As someone who sits here unshaven and chubby with an angry eczema outbreak on her arm, I can’t wait to read the manifugsto.

    I’m a bit surprised that people are interpreting “ugly pride” as a negative thing, but I suppose the word “ugly,” much like the word “fat,” holds a lot of power and evokes strong emotions–but I think that means it’s even more important to expose and embrace the ugly in all of us! No more shame in being or feeling or identifying as ugly.

  2. Does this mean that beautiful has become a bad word? I like being beautiful and it is ok if that doesn’t suit everyone’s definition.

  3. I get it and I love it. Ugly doesn’t have to mean not beautiful at all. But even in the world of body acceptance there are things we don’t talk about. Pock marks, acne, facial hair, unibrows, flatulence and a whole host of other “imperfections.” I don’t think ugly pride and loving oneself are mutually exclusive. Keep it up, Natalie! I love the illustrations! That belching bitch is SO me!

  4. I recently came upon your blog from blogger “Near-sighted owl” and I’m glad I did.  You are an amazingly inspiring person.  We have alway been brain washed that perfection is something to be attained, when in reality it is impossible.  The key I beleive to a happy fulfilled life is accepting our flaws and embracing everyone’s differences.  As a mom to three I try to teach them how important this is. I homeschool as well, as I want them to grow up being who they want to be , not what their peers tell them who they want them to be.  These illustrations are awesome!

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