What makes you think you’re the one?

An illustration of a naked fat girl making an "ok" sign with one hand. Text surrounding says "Big girls donut cry" with icing and sprinkles on the tops of the letters.

An illustration of a unicorn/ human whose horn spears a mint iced donut and whose lilac hair/ mane flips around in the wind. Text at the bottom says "I get what I want."

An illustration of a cow headed fat woman prancing, with a daisy spangled banner saying "Fat Cow" and another bit of text saying "Moo douchebag" down the bottom.

A digitally coloured illustration of a cow headed babe with flowing rose hair and a Fat Cow tattoo, surrounded by a billowing daisy spangled ribbon.

Another largely text free post with an unrelated post title. (I’ve been listening to Fleetwood Mac all day!)

Please note: I’m not taking commissions at the moment as I simply can’t concentrate for long enough. :(

Here are some places where you can buy my arts on things.
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