One glittery foot on a rung, the other trailing.

Listen up! I am not going to feel bad about having a blog holiday, orright?! Sorry about the defensive opener, but yes, I have been away. No I haven’t been doing anything too exciting, in fact I’ve been focusing on looking after myself. Not in a frozen meal “looking after yourself” lifestyle brand way but in a meaningful, tender and reflective way. (Bossy Femme has an intro to self care if you want to chase some great links and subscribe to Iris’ fabbo new blog!)

Things have been rolling along, sometimes gently and other times with a few bumps, but generally we’re heading in a good direction here at Rancho Perko. I’m doing very well on my new medication, and not thinking/ worrying too much about the implications it has on a bipolar 2 diagnosis. My focus is getting my mentals functioning better. Some other things have popped up, like maybe being a Grown Up and taking a rung on the Property Ladder, but we’ll see how that plays out in the weeks to come. I’m being pretty cool and easy going about it but it’s actually bloody scary.

Photo of me from the waist up, smiling dorkishly, wearing an animal print shirt over a beige singlet.

Anyway, I have been wearing clothes all this time but haven’t really been motivated to document them. It’s hard when you don’t have new clothes/ energy/ inspiration and you see all the fatshion bloggers around you doing the whole outfit thing so much better. I prefer just to document and represent instead of compete, but I have been feeling like quitting the outfit photo deal all together. Instead of being all or nothing, I’m going to make peace with documenting and representing when I am moved to do it, without obligation.

Outfit photo of me, fat white and lilac haired, wearing an animal print shirt tied at my waist with a beige singlet underneath, and a black mesh skirt over a shorter black skirt. Also: GLITTER SHOES.

My feet modeling a pair of multicolour glittery oxfords with red laces.

These shoes basically told me to document them. They were lovingly made by a label called Golden Ponies, and if you’ve got large wide feet prepare to weep glittery tears of joy because you can be shod in these babies too! I requested their widest width (4 inches) and a UK 8, and my shoes fit perfectly. They’re comfortable and have a cute sole too (but of course I forgot to photograph them). DO be prepared to wait up to 2 months to get your shoes in the mail, because they are individually hand made to order and I think they’re absolutely worth it.

Shirt: ebay
Singlet: Kmart
Mesh skirt and short skirt: Made by me
Shoes: Golden Ponies


  1. How are u finding the oxfords? I’ve been looking for a cute pair for ages, cos I want sinecure flat shoes to wear with dresses and skirts etc, and I can’t always get away with sneakers/thins/sandals, esp. at work! I saw that brand on etsy, and they’re criminally we’ll priced, I think I found them c/o frankie? Anyway.. They looked cute, but maybe not up to the challenge of standing up to my wide size ten feet walking everywhere.
    What do u think? Are they holding together ok?
    Btw- they’re FABULOUS, and your outfit is gorgeous :)
    Glad to hear ur doing well, although u dont know me froma bar of soap, I have some experience in the scariness of new meds.

  2. Argh bloody auto correct and me not checking!
    I meant*some cute shoes; thongs, not thins; and well priced- they’re so cheap! :)

  3. Oh man nothing like waking up to see your name listed on your fav blog of all time! Whenever you feel like posting, Natalie, you know I get excited. I am crossing my fingers about  this whole property business stuff for you…

  4. Do you know how pretty you are. . . porcelin like skin, lovely face, thick hair?!!  Your fashion sense and art is fun and creative.

  5. I love these – I stalk GP on etsy but had been waiting to see someone else write about their experience before i purchased some.

    I think you have now helped me decided i def need some – just to choose a colour 


  6. You are so talented at skirt making!  Nobody has expectations from your fashion offerings. Well, not me at least. I just like to see you:)

    Buying property is scary and grown up and forever. It’s best to just think about the good things like storage, furniture and pretty wall hangings. You will be so fancy!

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