Fancy Lady Industries: nose ring to the grindstone.

A graphic with "The fance is back" in hand lettering, with three thumbnails images of original artworks, fine art prints and a set of matryoshka dolls. There's also a sneaky 10% discount code - OUCH10.

Last night I brought Fancy Lady Industries back online after a six week break, that is… after I broke my ankle. I’ve stocked the store with a couple of new and interesting things, too! Most notably, the art prints I’ve been promising for many months are finally available to pre-order! I put up the five most popular pieces in the recent poll, but I will also be adding Lip Licker and Glutton in the next few hours (probably tomorrow morning because I’m pooped!)

Shop with Fancy Lady Industries before all the original art pieces are gone!

In more news, my moon boot has come off, Nick was hospitalised for a bad ear infection, and we moved into our new house! I’m going to try to blog through all my home decorating fever, but I doubt it’ll be terribly exciting… unless you like decorating on a budget. We’ve already almost completely ripped out our tiny courtyard garden in preparation for making it Miffy friendly, with room for veggies and herbs!


  1. “unless you like decorating on a budget”

    Yes. Yes I do.

    I’m glad you are bth on the mend and congratulations on your new home.

  2. congrats on your move and the loss of your moon boot.  I also love seeing how others decorate their homes on budgets so please share.  All your goodies look fab xx

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