Low end art supplies for low brow art.

I’ve been drawing more and more with markers lately, and not even the fancy alcohol based ones. I only have a few of those (some Copics but mostly Shin Han Touch pens) and the few I have are running out of ink fast. A couple of weeks ago I saw Office Works had a tub of 50 Faber Castell Connector Pens on sale so I scooped them up and have been merrily doodling away the last few weeks. The difference between alcohol and water based pens is huge, you can blend and layer ink with the alcohol markers but if you put too many layers of ink down with a water based marker you’ll pull up a bunch of paper fibres. So they aren’t a proper substitute but they’re the substitute I can afford. For the price of 50 connector pens I would only be able to buy two or three alcohol based markers! These drawings use both types of markers; and the ability to layer and blend alcohol markers is evident in the first drawing.

Marker drawing of two self portraits, both looking confused and in mid conversation.
Marker drawing of two self portraits, both looking confused and in mid conversation.
Marker drawing of two fat people with gem adornments.
Marker drawing of two fat people with gem adornments.

Marker drawing of a fat person with a large shining red gem for a heart.
Marker drawing of a fat person with a large shining red gem for a heart.

My mother-in-law once said my drawings were rude and ever since then I’ve been self conscious about it. Considering a nude body as vulgar speaks of prudery and shame. I draw a collection of lines organised in a way that makes the brain conclude that it’s meant to represent a body, but there are other lines and shapes on these bodies that signify other things too. Art shouldn’t be read like a mirror, it’s more like a map. I really object to my drawings being read as titillating or erotic, as I’ve seen them put into that context on some tumblr blogs. It says a lot about the lack of respect for women’s bodies and the absolute disregard for consent, that an image of bare breasts is considered pornographic. I’m also reminded of all the boobs in ads targeted at men that are uncensored while images of breast feeding are considered offensive. I’m rolling my eyes directly at you, straight guys.


  1. I love love love the idea of deliberately not caring about using low-end supplies. Making art with what you have and you can afford; THAT is beautiful.
    As for nude shaming; ugh. Fuck that/them.

  2. I love your art! It makes me feel like I should look at my stretch marks as super powers.

  3. Every artist draws or paints nudes at some point, its one of the best ways to learn drawing techniques. I personally loved life drawing classes at art school. I think you have a very clear style of your own and its fantastic, please don’t let anyone put you off doing what comes naturally to you.

  4. Hi Natalie,
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    Sorry for using the comment section but I could not find your e-mail address.

  5. Meh, not everyone loves nude art. For me it’s not about the images being erotic (I don’t think that yours are) and it’s not some deep-seated shame of my body/sexuality. Unless I found one that I really loved, I wouldn’t go out of my way to hang one up in my house. There are 20,000+ results on Etsy for nude art so surely it’s not that taboo anymore. Either you like or or you don’t, no biggie.

  6. These are awesome, you are very talented!
    I love when art feels so poignant and not removed from reality – and no, they are not rude in the least!

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  8. What sort of pens/markers would you get if you could afford it? I’m after something I can do shading etc with. Being new to this medium I am not sure what to look for. I don’t want normal textas as they aren’t achieving the look I want (more like a painted look). I think I am after the sort of pens tattoo artists use for their flash. Like Kim-Anh Nguyen…

  9. Alcohol based markers like Shin-han Twin Touch markers or Copic are excellent and you can blend them (but it takes some getting used to, because they dry very quickly). Many tattoo artists actually use watercolour, in fact the drawings I’ve seen heaps of artists do that have a lot of that gradient shading would have to be watercolour.

  10. Love love love your illustrations and your style too, keep going and excuse the language but fuck what your ma-in-law says!

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