Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art Class – Brisvegas Stylin’

Last night was the inaugural session of Dr Sketchy’s Anti-Art Class in Brisbane, organised and hosted by the wonderful Omega, one of my very own pals! I’ve longed to attend a Dr Sketchy’s class ever since Molly Crabapple started the first one in New York in 2005 so I was chuffed when Omega announced that she’d be founding Brisbane’s Dr Sketchy’s school.

The class was held at Metro Arts, on Edward Street in the Brisbane CBD, one of Brisbane’s most benevolent arts venues. Every arts kid has kicked around at the Metro, so it was lovely to be coming back to a place I had strong ties with while I was at uni. Up on the fourth floor the art school awaited, a long climb up the steps of doom or a short and quaint trip up in the ye olde lift… if you’re lucky. (Psst, don’t forget to shut the door to the lift once you disembark – an open door renders the lift inoperable and leaves other Metro Arts patrons rather grumpy!)

The model for the evening was none other than burlesque superstar, Lola the Vamp. The first thing I noticed was that she had the most amazing hair, tumbling down her back in random kinks and curls. I was gleeful on the inside, because curly hair is one of my most favourite things to draw! The second thing I noticed was that she has a very mysterious face, in the quick sketches I think I wasted precious seconds trying to catch the look in her eyes. Her costumes were all spectacular, what I wouldn’t give to possess her lovely millinery collection!

These drawings were my best of the night, but I’m eagerly awaiting the next class on September 5th so I can get more practice!

lola as urania lola the vamp
Click to embiggen.

Dr Sketchy’s Brisbane are taking reservations for seats at the next two classes. I urge you to book a seat – the first class sold out! Head over to their myspace page to find out how to make your booking now.


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