I’m a business card in a database driven world

I don’t have a business card. I am a graphic designer, and I’ve created hundreds of business cards for people (given, I’ve worked for two large companies…!).

Our small marketing company has three people in it, but in the next few weeks it will double in size. Which of course, means I have to get out ye olde business card template and wack on the name of some new guys. I asked my manager if my co-worker and I, his faithful plebs for the past year, would be able to have business cards. And he said yes. My co-worker and I did a happy dance and our manager probably laughed at our glee at the peanuts he was throwing us for our work. “Look at those silly easily pleased monkeys!” he probably thought.

I really don’t know why having a business card makes one feel so pleased with oneself. It’s a sign of respect and status. That people will seek to contact you for your advice or to do dealings with you. Just like Seth Godin says, but I’m 100% not embarrassed to admit that yeh, of course I want to position myself and represent who I am! It’s an ego trip.

So, I hope that Mr Godin thinks that the card I designed, with my name and business on it, is an example of a good business card. I feel it’s strong and communicates our brand powerfully, but doesn’t overwhelm the content with it. Content is king in my opinion.


So, I hope you like it. I’ll even send you one for your collection.