Photoshop brand too frothy

I would never have picked Adobe to go backwards, and by backwards I mean to follow any crappy trend. Especially the Web 2.0 nightmare inflicting itself all over the internet right now – you’d expect Adobe to take heed of the doomsayers of the bubble logo trend!

My co-worker and I joke about Web 2.0, threatening to rebrand one of our major clients with the current Web 2.0 flavour of super slick sans serifs, bubbles and aqua patinas. But it remains in the cosmos of nerdy design “in jokes” – we’d never present it as a viable branding or identity solution because it is too faddish and ephemeral for any kind of product with all the hallmarks of consistency, tradition and relevance.

Unfortunately, the impression the Photoshop family brand presents is that the product is faddish and dismissive of all the other really awesome and cool things you can do with Photoshop’s tools. Of course, this isn’t the logo for Photoshop CS3, but Photoshop’s whole family – CS3, Elements, Photo Album and Lightroom.

I think this will be cause for even more whinging from Adobe users, since many hated the concept for CS3’s “periodic table of elements” icons. I actually think the icons are successful, and that the theory behind them is solid.

The most important thing for all the discerning designers to remember is that Adobe are not marketing and branding experts – they’re programmers, and they continue to set the benchmark for graphic design, desktop publishing and illustration software. We’re all still going to use their products, and people are going to be creating and following fads with this very software for years to come!!

The Good Design Salve!

I love flickr‘s identity, and I love that they’ve given the brand’s mark scope for including it in community – for example in yesterday’s flickr logo for Talk Like a Pirate Day. I even love that all throughout their alpha, beta, delta etc phases they let people know what the status was in the logo. It’s Web 2.0 – but relevant and human.

Props, snaps and well played guys.


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