White Lighting Trend

All I’m hearing is that black and white are “it” for decor. It’s a little too stark for my own personal tastes, but I’ve noticed a quirky little lighting trend harking all the way back to the 50s and 60s coming into vogue again. It makes sense, seeing that mid century furniture is all the rage (and dear as SIN!), but the stark white plastic almost demands blacks and greys to compliment – it shall have none of that fussy colour business thank you very much!

Left – Artichoke pendant light shade from Louis Poulson.
Right – Norm 69 light shade by Simon Karkov.

I think I like the modern interpretations of the white pendant light shade much better – for starters they’re much more reminiscent of floral shapes, albeit highly stylised. They’re also much more accessible. The Artichoke pendant lighting is around $4,000, but you can buy a Knappa pendant light shade for around $40! It’s much softer and made from plastic too.

Even better, is Tord Boontje’s light treatment – made from single sheets of cut paper that have that real handmade aesthetic. I’m in love, and I want one right now! These are even more floral, but still white so you can have your whole white trend as well as your cake (and eat it too!)

So, there are a few ways to soften the starkness of a white decor – but if you’re like me you’ll probably end up throwing a few cans of highly saturated colour at the walls just to feel comfortable!


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