Flowers and Fabric – What an awesome Saturday.

Yesterday I went to the flower market with Mum and my sister Michelle, then to look at fabric at Sckafs. I’m really glad we did, we got an awesome quote on flowers and met a fabulous woman at Sckafs Indooroopilly who basically pulled all the fabrics and colours I wanted out of my imagination.

My wedding dress: This is an idea of what we’re playing around with. The dress will mostly be red, with ruffled or pleated organza frothing around the over skirt and flowers from the beaded material sprayed around the hem of the over skirt and from the hip up my bodice. I’m not sure if I like the jacquard, or if I’d prefer dupioni. I really like its rough texture.

The bridesmaids: Creams, coffees and mochas. I love the texture of the crumpled velvet ribbon over the other fabrics.

Left: Bridesmaids – the silhouette we’re going for. Sckafs had these cool templates you could place over fabric combinations.
Right: An awesome fascinator i found.

I was looking through my google reader last night and came across casasugar’s post on ranunculus – I was so happy because I’d bought some purple ranunculus at the flower market in the morning! I also bought yellow and orange poppies. There’s nothing like flowers to make you a bit happier – and when you get them direct from the flower markets, they’re rather cheap too!

I do wish that poppies could be a bit hardier – they tend to drop petals at the slightest hint of breeze.

I took photos of the flowers so I could play around with them in Illustrator. Stay tuned for upcoming free vector posts ;)