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Art I Love

These prints are available from 20×200 and you can buy one of these, or heaps of others, for $20 – that’s right, you can buy a print from as little as $20. Amazing.

Art I Make

paisley patchThis piece is called “Paisley Patch” and it’s an extension of the paisley garden drawing I posted earlier last week. By my own admission I’m not a very good painter, I much prefer drawing; which is why watercolour pencils are pretty much perfect for me! I used Derwent watercolour pencils on canvas for this piece.

I have done a few more of these pieces, but I haven’t photographed them as yet however when I get some time (and the day star is shining) I’ll take a few pictures to post here.

painting 056This is a study of a couple of Alphonse Mucha motifs in watercolour pencils again. I recently bought a book on Mucha with loads of stunningly reproduced poster and packaging art. I’d never seen his pieces in such detail before and I was struck by the gorgeous ornamentation and use of motifs. You can zoom in to a piece about 10 times and see as many different and beautiful things.

Reverie by Alphonse Mucha

I have to apologise (again?) for my sporadic entries. I’m on a week’s leave from work due to my wrist injury, and the death of my friend is getting to me a little bit as well. I’m finding myself doing a lot of research and drawing, seeking solace in design and beauty.