Trash the Dress!

I love the concept of “Trashing the Dress” but I’m still not sold on trashing mine. Ms. Polka at Polka Dot Bride reports there’s now an Australian site for TTD! My dress is going to be a labour of love, and I’m actually thinking of getting it professionally mounted as a wall display later on, butget I wonder just how trashy I have to get my dress..! Ms. Polka assures me that the dresses never get so trashed that a good dry cleaning wouldn’t restore them to their former glory, so now my mind is ticking through TTD concepts at a hundred miles an hour.

If you’re only a short time reader, I should remind you that my dress is going to be red, and my fiance is going to be wearing a cream/ bone pin striped suit. It would be so awesome if we could work with liquids like red wine and milk or cream (or at least a liquid that can be dyed so as not to be totally damaging to the fabrics in our outfits!). Another idea I’ve had is to set our shoot in a food fight in the middle of a glorious banquet!

I may just have to speak with our photographer, Kate O’Brien, about these ideas. You should check out the amazing photographs she takes too. I have a feeling a TTD shoot would excite her!


  1. Its totally up to you how trashed your dress gets! Some get a bit trashed beyond recognitions (theres a famous shot where they set a bride alight) and I’m not sure how easy it is to clean a pure silk gown after you’ve submerged the entire thing in the ocean!

    But a lot of the shots are much tamer and just involve (as you can see from the pic your picked!) a bit of grime which is easily cleaned :)

    I’m very excited to read you’re having a red dress- a TTS session with that would provide some stunning results!

    (Wow at your photographer! Let us know what she says!)

  2. Ha, I thought you meant your LJ journal and I couldn’t find what the hell you were talking about. I love those ideas! I’m excited just thinking about it!! Yay!

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