Monday Illustration

flower ornaments

Actually I did this on Friday, but that’s between you and I.

I’m feeling rather dizzy from working with resin! I have a respirator with a filter for dust particles, but it doesn’t work for resin fumes when it’s still liquid. I’m counting down the days until I can fiddle faddle full time with my craft odyssey stuff!

One of my friends works in a cafe, and she showed her boss a few of my paintings and now he wants a few to put on the walls! Super exciting! I was always told that there was never any money in being an artist, but after working full time as a graphic designer… I’ve realised I’m not here to make money, I’m here to be kind to my soul and do things that fulfill me.

So who knows what’s in my future? I definitely want to dabble in jewellery, but I have the deepest desire to design for textiles. I read the blogs of a few textile designers, and I admire them so much. Not only are they accomplished artists, but they also have the drive and the desire to bring their dreams into reality and to nourish their souls by being true to themselves and their visions.

This illustration is dedicated to them.