Please sir, I’d like a ffffound invite

A Humument by Tom Phillips.

I’ve been wanting a invite for the longest time, so I thought I’d put it out there on my blog :P

The past week has flown by in a daze of international rock stars, shopping, my birthday and alcohol, plenty o’ it. I helped Kate O’Brien (our wedding photographer) out on a photoshoot with Amanda Palmer of The Dresden Dolls fame on Wednesday. It was all kinds of fun, Amanda and The Danger Ensemble were lovely to work with. Watch Kate’s site for the photos!!!

If you watch this clip of the guys performing “Umbrella” in Edinburgh, at 1:43 you’ll see a hot chick in red – that’s Peta, I went to primary school with her! Now she’s gadding about with Amanda and the Ensemble. Nice work chicka!


  1. Were you able to get a ffffound invite? Being a designer, I’ve been drooling over ffffound for months and months and months now. Do you have any invites to spare?? Would you be able to send one my way? I’d so greatly appreciate it!!!

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