Objects of Desire – Elsa Mora *sigh*

Secret Anatomy of a Young Girl by Elsa Mora

Elsa Mora‘s work just continues to astound me. She is an artist whose work I can fall into for days, and I would never come out except for coffee and biscuits (Scotch Finger, yum). She has just issued a new series of prints based on her delicious paper cuts in her etsy store.

Further to her awesome talent – she just seems like such a beautiful person just going on what I’ve gathered from reading her blog! You should add her if you like beautiful paper crafts – she doesn’t just create amazing cuts, some of her work is incredibly sculptural too. You just want to touch it. And maybe play with it a little.

I’m seriously toying with the idea of pulling out the credit card… I wonder what Nick would say (eep!)


  1. I came across your site awhile back and I have to say you’re creative style is amazing and so unique. I love your art! And I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. :)

    Thanks for introducing us to Elsa More, she’s insane with paper. Wow! :O

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