New year, new business cards!

Business card 2009

I had been wanting some new cards ever since I got married last year, because nothing is more unprofessional than a graphic designer scribbling out their old surname on their business card and hastily scrawling their new surname! I decided to use my gocco because my style lends itself much more to “DIY chic” than those crisp and velvety professionally printed cards (even though there’s nothing yummier than a freshly printed batch!)

New business card

The cards use my favourite burgundy gocco ink, which I’ve now completely exhausted doing this run, and a variety of salvaged card stocks I had lying around. I figured that this would add a sort of “mend and make do” aesthetic that will probably be a big trend this year, due to the global financial crisis (Danger! Danger! World in crisis!)

Business card 2009

I got to hand out a few last night at the #btub meetup, and they were well received. Almost too well received, I was blushing! Compliments make me go “awww shucks dude”.

Next month is going to be just as busy as this month I think. I’M EXCITED! The new blog redesign is so close I can almost touch it. I can’t wait! I want to get it up before people start sussing me out thanks to the Semi-Permanent book.



  1. Great cards! I never thought of using the gocco for biz cards. Your designs are wonderful. Do you cut each one by hand to get those wonderful rounded corners? Kudos – very nice work.

  2. Thank you :D

    I have a rounded corner stamp that one of my old work mates gave me as a gift. I use it all the time and I’m really surprised I haven’t blunted it yet!

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