New drawing!

The Critic

I have been unbelievably busy so far this year, who knew you could be so busy pushing pens around? I certainly didn’t, bring it on! It took me a month to be able to draw something new for myself, and I’m kind of glad because I got the opportunity to reflect a lot on exactly what I want to draw. I have also been invited to take part in my first group exhibition, which I’m thrilled about. One of my goals this year was to show in a gallery, and in a few months I’m gonna do that! I’M KINDA AWESOME Y/Y?

I had a big think about what I want to show, and I realised I have learnt so much more about what I want to draw that I didn’t want to show anything old. So the above piece was an experiment, I guess. To try and push forward in the direction I want to head. I’m pretty happy with the result, and will be making some minor tweaks here and there but I’m going to go ahead and do a series that I can present for the art show later this year.

Being an artist is expensive, so if you want to help me frame my drawings you can buy lots of prints and/or t-shirts and I will love you forever and smuggle you imaginary poodles in tea cups.

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