The Bearded Lady of Brussels

The Bearded Lady of Brussels

Now, I told a big old story about how we never had brussels sprouts when I was a kid, because Dad couldn’t stand the smell of them, and then the stupid back end logged me out and I lost the tome that I had written, boo. The upshot of it all was that I’m horrid because I like to torment him with my delicious brussels sprouts that Mum cooks especially for me when she has us over for roasts :)

So, if you haven’t seen Carnivale yet, you might not be familiar with Lila the bearded lady, but she is a fox and one of my favourite characters on the show. I posted some progress images on my tumblr – here and here. If you’re on tumblr, say hi! I usually post frequently and more off-the-cuff there.

Tomorrow night the Twestivals all around the world are taking place (give or take 24 hours because we’re in the future)! My drawings are being projected here at the Brisbane Twestival, along with the work of other Brisbane creatives. I can’t wait to see what it looks like!


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