Peppermint Mag Issue 2 and a new blog design! has been redesigned and it only took months and months to get it up! Apparently there’s a problem with IE6 that Nick is going to look at tonight, but I heartily suggest you download Firefox or the latest IE anyway.

Peppermint magazine issue 2 is landing soon! The cover features a beautiful illustration of Summer Rayne Oakes by the fabulous Ms Bec Winnel. I did the curly lettering on the front, but it pales into insignificance in comparison with Bec’s drawing! :P

I feel bad that I haven’t blogged for a while, it’s just we were getting all the wrinkles out of the new layout and Nick had told me that things might be lost in the transition (I moved hosts due to issues with my old host, thank Rod for that!) but none of the comments seem to have been misplaced! Yay! I have lots of things to tell you, stay tuned!


  1. i love the new design! very homey, i cant tell you how much i love your patterns :D and your avatar is pretty damn awesome!
    the lettering for the magazine is perfect too… so when are you putting out the font? :P

    ps. oh yay you linked me! psst do you mind if you link to instead of the blog? thx love. i’ll put up my link page soon and notify you!

  2. Ohh I will definitely change it for you, I didn’t know which page to link to!!

    I am in the process of doing up my own banner too, I’ll DM you the link to the image when I’m done!

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