Works on Paper at KILN – my first ever exhibition!

Works on Paper @ KILN

So, I am “debuting” at the Works on Paper exhibition at KILN on April 3. I am very excited, almost embarrassingly excited, but at least my enthusiasm falls short of pants-peeingly-excited. I wish I could get the hang of that cool nonchalance that artists are supposed to exhibit!

I am showing alongside some wonderful artists. Allow me to demonstrate:

Danielle O’Brien – Untitled 3, 2008

Nic Plowman – And there she was, 2008

Laura Skerlj

Yuki Nakano – Geisha, 2009

Also Shaun Campbell, Lucia Trove and Jordan Hart – who I can’t find any sites for! If you’re in Brisbane during April, I do suggest you check it out!


  1. Congrats on “stepping out there” with your work! It’s always a somewhat vulnerable feeling, but I’m sure its the first of many “ventures” to come.

    The new site is dope, BTW.

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