Print is dead, long live print!

Print is dead, long live print!

I’m always very chuffed to be asked to be part of anything printed, whether it be a zine or a magazine because it means people are holding something that my lines embellish, acknowledging it and sometimes even keeping it for a while. Physical objects are important and they take up space in the real world,…

Renee-Anne on the cover of Peppermint 5

How exciting, issue 5 of Peppermint is out! I may have an early copy though (thanks Kelley), I’m not sure when it comes out at the newsagent. You can see the adorable Renee-Anne on the cover in a blouse I am seriously coveting right now. Oh yeh, and my letters :P

My work in print

I was invited to submit some of my older work to Gestalten publication Hair’em Scare’em, and today I got my contributer copy. The book is full of fantastic illustrative and photographic work from a huge variety of artists – I was really impressed with it, and myself for being published alongside such great names! That’s…

Lettering, a lolly and a lady

This month the lovely Lady Melbourne is being lovely on the cover of Peppermint magazine; my lettering is quite chuffed to hover at her shoulder! And most exciting, Peppermint won three awards for design and sustainability at the Publisher’s Australia Excellence Awards. Congratulations, I feel awesome by proxy having worked with you Kelley!

Peppermint Mag Issue 2 and a new blog design! has been redesigned and it only took months and months to get it up! Apparently there’s a problem with IE6 that Nick is going to look at tonight, but I heartily suggest you download Firefox or the latest IE anyway. Peppermint magazine issue 2 is landing soon! The cover features a beautiful illustration of…