Semi-Permanent showbags

Like ninjas

Today I volunteered to pack swag for Semi-Permanent, and we were done in super record time. See, we were moving like ninjas, my phone/camera couldn’t catch up :P

I was excited to see my drawing in the book! It started raining as I was waiting for Nick to pick me up so my book got a little damp :(

Semi-Permanent swag
Swaaaaaag. My fingernails are buggered now after handling so much paper. They used to be terrible at my old job when I’d be dealing with freshly printed stuff all the time!

Stabilo pens
aaaand I have to show you these pens that are in the swag bags… There are SO many different colours!


  1. oh so YOU’RE Definatalie! Don’t i feel stoopid… not only am i 2 years behind the paisley trend, but I’ve seen your work before and just didn’t make the connection. Duuuuh. Your work at Kiln is awesome. (That was me making happy little bleats when you dropped it in.)

  2. Love your blog!
    I’m thinking of submitting an old work for the book next year….either that or making an image at least

  3. Ooh I love your your drawing, you are very talented. Congrats on being published!
    Not only new coloured pens, but free too? Best thing ever!

  4. hey there, i just stumbled upon your website while searching semi-permanent because i just sent them some artworks I've done a minute ago for the 2nd 2010 book. Wish me luck. Your work is heaps awesome!!

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