Help Heidi and her Mum

The other week you would have read my adoration for Heidi, an amazing person and blogger. I have never met anyone who discusses their life and its trials so openly, and she has been a big role model for me when it comes to “opening up”.

The other night, something terrible happened. Her father committed suicide in their home, and Heidi found his body. Every time I think about it tears come to my eyes and I selfishly put myself in her position – it makes me feel so many emotions… but I know I probably wouldn’t have felt I could reach out to my friends all over the world from my blog. I love that Heidi did, and still does, because I know she’s in trouble and needs help… emotionally and financially.

She has to, quite literally, clean up the mess. Some of her local friends contacted a local cleaning agency, Crime Scene Steri-Clean, who have been absolutely brilliant in helping her deal with the situation but there are unavoidable costs that her friends are hoping to help her with. If you’re in a position to help, Heidi has put up a PayPal button on her blog, but she also adores handwritten letters. You can find the details here.

I love you Heidi, I wish I could fly over and give you a hug and a kiss.


  1. That really fucking sucks; I don’t know how I’d possibly deal with that. I’ve chipped in, I hope it helps.

  2. I saw this (someone else sent me to her page) – first time I had ever visited and I spent almost an hour reading her story… my God. I was sick at reading what she has had to deal with.

    Popped over from Blog Chicks… enjoyed your bio.

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