June wants to know what you’ve achieved this year…

June desktop demo

June is serious business. In Australia, June is the time for stock take and if you are an employee who has to do end-of-financial-year activities (like my husband!) it really sucks. Even though I have a creative job, I am feeling the pressure… I’m in the middle of setting a business up, and also fielding enquiries and doing lots of work within my creative practice – which I run like a business as well. Sometimes I just want to run away and forget about everything for a few hours, and I guess I get these sort of visions in my head. Sort of like Mary Poppins on a carousel in the Red Queen’s garden.

To download June’s desktop, find the one that suits your resolution and click on the image to go download the original size:

June desktop 1600x1200
1600 x 1200

June desktop 1680x1050
1680 x 1050 – widescreen

June desktop 320x480 - iphone
320 x 480 – iPhone

June desktop 240x320
240 x 320

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 Unported License.
You may not upload this desktop to other websites, nor may you use it for any other purpose than to wallpaper your desktop. This also means it’s uncool to alter it and reupload it somewhere as your own work. Soz :(

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