The Vendor Client relationship

Design isn’t free; budget for it, love it, pet it and stroke it! This video points out that when you haggle or try to undercut a designer’s work (or any other service-based vendor), it’s like you’re asking for something for nothing. You wouldn’t ask a car salesman for a free car, and tell him it’d be good for his portfolio, or good exposure… right?

The other Natalie (one of many awesome Natalies!) sent me a link to this last week but I hadn’t had time to watch it until now! Thanks Natalie :D


  1. aha. this is exactly like what j goes through at work everyday. a $600 tattoo – “er, i have to pay my rego so can you do it for $300?”, or – “it was $100 down the road”, or the entire tattoo gets finished and ‘oh I only have $80 on me mate and can you finish by 4pm because i have to get to a party.”

  2. Oh. My. God. That is every client we have to deal with. I particularly love the ‘just show us how you do it so we can do it inhouse next time’ ending.

    Thanks for posting this – I’ve sent it to everyone I work with!

    xxx kate

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