Fanciful Friday

Mucking around
• Yes, I was so impressed with August’s desktop that I decided to adapt it for my Twitter background. “That fancy lady” indeed, have I ever left you with any doubt?!

• I found this on Tumblr (can someone tell me how I can post my animated gifs to Tumblr successfully?!) and was struck by
a) the fancy teacup
b) the fancy Jurassic Park style wobble of the tea inside.

• These custom re-upholstered chairs are gorgeous – and by Melanie Porter. I probably can’t afford an amazing piece by Melanie, but I can crochet! Maybe I’ll make a few pillows. Mmmmm.

• This is what all my childhood dreams consisted of. Living in a tree house. An actual tree house – not the silly ones that are mere centimetres off the ground in the name of “safety”. Pssh, safety. This photo is by Avi_Abrahams on flickr but I can’t find the precise photo page because a lot of people on Tumblr don’t believe in crediting their sources correctly. GET ON THAT, people!

• HANDERPANTS, guys… HANDERPANTS. I would like to see a lacy g-string version, and a polka dotted cottontail version. With fancy edging.

Florence and the Machine‘s album Lungs is totally doing it for me right now. The video clips are lovely too – but Universal in their wisdom don’t want people embedding and blogging about their lovely but TOTALLY OVERCOMPRESSED video clips. Go check out the videos for Rabbit Heart and Dog Days and squint your eyes and pretend you can see all the fanciness.


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