Equal Love: I support same-sex marriage

On Saturday I went to the Equal Love rally to march in support of same-sex marriage. I went to support this key human right for all people, even though I am privileged insofar that my relationship is legally recorded as a marriage. The government and religion should have little to do with each other, and much MUCH less to do with dictating who can love who. Recognising same-sex marriage will not harm my marriage to Nick, nor will it destroy society; in fact I might be so bold as to venture that it can only do GOOD! People will feel less anxiety when it comes to talking about their relationships; more children will grow up in loving homes with parents that are in a legally recognised couple; and who can argue that love is bad? Surely you’d have to have fairy floss for brains.

Brisbane Tweeps for Equality by David Jackmanson

If you support love (and you’re Australian!) please make a submission to the Senate enquiry into the Marriage Equality Amendment Bill 2009. The last bill was rejected because the anti marriage equality groups pulled more numbers than the pro same-sex marriage groups even though the last Galaxy poll declared that a majority of Australians support same-sex marriage. The other side has mobilised and they are a minority – why are you sitting on your arse waiting for other people to pitch in? Go make a submission to the Senate enquiry online now!


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