Fanciful Friday

• I’m not sure how I came across The Chintz of Darkness but they post some incredible photographs and illustrations, and have a very funny blog name. If you like ye olde home decor and curious knick knacks and whatsits, you’ll love this blog.

• I really like the hair styling on Zac Posen‘s fall collection. It’d be quite easy to DIY too!

• When I was younger I read my mother’s Vogues and pretended I knew what was going on. In one of them they did a huge profile on Anna Piaggi, and I thought she was just the most amazing looking person I’d ever come across. She is one of my fancy lady icons!

• I love shoulder ruffles like this one, made by OutsaPop Trashion. The OutsaPop blog is amazing for inspiration and ideas!

• Jeremy Clarkson ~~be still my beating heart~~ fancies up a Mercedes S Class and calls it “Anne Hathaway’s Cottage”. I think he is totes secretly fancy, to the point that he’d completely stuff up an awesome car in the name of fanciness.

Post links to your fancy things!!! (Or blog about them and link in the comments, if you like!)


  1. Soooo… I can see clearly you have feelings for Clarkson, but I can’t get past how adorable James May is sitting in the wingback while chaos unfolds around him and Hammond is buffeted around the car. Huge heart on for May. HUGE.

  2. James May is DEFINITELY the back up for Clarkson. I don’t even like Hammond. I like my men old and English and obviously… nutty!

  3. Well, my darling, I have a few little contributions for the already-glorious hodgepodge of fancy goin’ on here! I have a zillion fanciful Etsy shops tucked covetously away, but I’ll let you in on some of my favorites. :)



    And what better way to close this comment than by leaving you with an extraordinarily fancy elephant?

  4. Oh, also, for a touch of the whimsically macabre, I offer you this:

    And, before you ask — yes, that is a taxidermied chihuahua in fancy dress sitting on a mirrored platform. Because, I mean, really, why not?

    There’s also a lovely gold-hearted, two-headed, tassled deer:

    And if those aren’t your taste, there’s always this… erm… well… I’m not really sure what it is, but it’s fancy!


  5. eeeeeeeeeeeee! LINKS, I LOVE LINKS!
    Thank you so much, I will enjoy going through all of these the next time I’ve got some time spare :D

  6. Hey, I found your blog via, go Aussie! And go fancy things! And go Top Gear!!!!

    In short, fantastic blog.
    : )

  7. “…Zac Posen’s…”

    I read that as “Zac Efron’s” and was so confused for a moment. I am a designer newb, can you tell?

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