What I love about myself

le montage de fantaisie

I think everyone picks themselves to pieces – even the most seemingly confident of people. Sometimes I think that my low self-esteem exists so that I don’t get too full of myself, and other times it really gets me down. I’m very guilty of comparing myself against other people (in terms of fashion, looks, professional skills, etc!) and it’s only this year that I’ve decided to become conscious of myself when I do it, and try to turn it around. It’s rather hard! I was stoked to see that Georgie Love, Frocks & Frou Frou and No More Mumus have started a mini-meme in the Australian blogging sphere, and they’ve answered the $64 million question, “What do you love about yourself?” So now I’m going to do it!

What I love about myself:

• I seem to be able to pull off nearly every hair colour.
• My sense of humour and general irreverence.
• My lips, which I used to be teased for!
• My height.
• I’m willing to give anything a go.
• I love that my hands create things.
• My drive to keep learning.
• My problem solving and resourcefulness.
• How one of my eyes is half brown.
• I’m nice.
• My eyebrows (over tweezing when I was 15 lead to low maintenance brows!)
• I’m willing to go out on a limb to make people feel comfortable or happy.
• My passion.
• Last of all! I love that I am a billboard for myself. I love that I don’t take myself too seriously. I am not afraid to express myself through my body, clothes, art, blog etc etc etc!

You are now under strict orders to blog about how much you love yourself! If you don’t have a blog, leave a comment ;)


  1. Perfect timing Natalie! I was just about to email you to tell how how super-spunky you look in your Daily Booth today. Love love love it!

    In a non-Katy Perry way, you are so sexy, I would totally kiss you. I’d pucker up and plant big rosy lips on your cheek. So there. Body image a-go-go!

  2. What a great post! I really love your photo collage. I’ll have to think on this a bit before posting – I’ve been down on myself a lot lately, and it’s been bothering me.

  3. It’s so tough, isn’t it?
    I feel like I was infused with modesty at a very young age – always told never to brag about my good traits and to joke about my bad ones. When I try to write this list for myself, I worry that I come off too full of myself.
    I’ll keep trying though!

  4. Darl, in response to your earlier twitter

    ie “Lately I feel like I’ve really hit the wall when it comes to talking about fat acceptance. People have the same tired rebuttals. :/”

    Remember what Beth Ditto said “it’s not about the 100 people whose minds you can’t change; it’s about the two people you empower”

    I am one of those people that your website and vids have empowered.

    So, you’ve made a difference to me and my life.

    Leading a protest is not always easy or fun (just ask the Freedom riders).

    You’re always going to encounter people who are so frightened of everything they known being shown to be a scaffold of lies that they will do anything to stop you.

    You are never going to change everyone, just empower those you can by being your drop-dead gorgeous self and we’ll continue the fight when you’re too tired, or you just want to be left alone.

  5. This is great, we should all do one of these. I too can pull of every haircolor and love changing my haircolour. Funny how the things we were teased for as kids can end up being things we love, for me it’s my freckles.

  6. well done natalie for your inspirational acknowledgement of your own fabulousness !!! what a great message to spread…we are all wonderful and special and unique. keep spreading the word !

  7. I love that this idea is floating through the blogsphere. Yay for you for keeping it going.
    Have followed your orders Cap’n!

  8. Thank you for posting this on your blog! I found you through “The Art of Jordan.” I will be doing the same thing on my blog this week. Thanks so much! Love your blog!

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