Indubitably, sir.


I’ve been wanting to start experimenting with using wood as a support, and I bought a big piece of plywood from Bunnings weeks ago but hadn’t had the time to cut it up or paint any of my ideas for personal work. This week I’ve decided is my week; on Monday I got electrocuted by our crappy circuit reset button (and the power died too) then I went over to use Kate‘s powertools to cut up the plywood! Horah! Last night I sanded back and stained a couple of the boards and recovered from my day (no, really I was totally ok – minor shock). Yesterday I painted up one drawing I had in my sketchbook for a month or so and took a little video and did awesomely scintillating live-action updates with my mobile phone.

Indubitably process

I like to document the process, just so I can go back later and revise what I’ve done so I know better for next time. A few people say they actually enjoy the updates too!

Here’s the video! The music is really cute, it’s by Julandrew and it’s called “Get Back In Line“. I was introduced by Melissa to Creative Commons music and I’m really impressed by some of the things I’ve found! Also, it’s nice being able to use music in a video without worrying that anyone will sue you.


  1. That’s gorgeous! I also checked out the link to buy your prints; I’m super strapped for cash right now, but I there were several that I really loved and bookmarked for the future.

  2. I’ve done some painting on wood before. I really like it, but the hippie in me was protesting too much for me to continue XD

  3. Amazing!! I studied art for three years and could never tap into creativity like yours. I’m jealous with admiration! It looks like you’re using acrylics, was that hard over stained wood?

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