Original art works now for sale on ArtFire

Buy my original art!

I’ve just opened up a shop on ArtFire.com to sell my original art works. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, but I kept putting it off because I have assumed that no one will want to buy anything! I don’t want to believe that any longer! Prove me wrong and bolster my self esteem :P

Art for sale

I have listed eight pieces right now, but I have another three framed pieces to add as well as a bunch of drawings. All of these pieces are just taking up room in my office and I’d love to see them adopted by people who will hang them up and love them.

The other reason why I am motivated to sell my originals is because I want to start working in different media and experimenting with new things but I simply can’t afford it. If you adopt one of my drawings or paintings, you will be encouraging and prolonging my career as an artist and patronising me – in a good way, hahaha!

Go forth! Purchase some of my original art and fancy up your walls.

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  1. Just another reason to get off my lazy student behind and get a job. :D I neeeeeed the Indubitably one.

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