Fanciful Friday: Floral Headpiece edition

This week I’ve been seeing some fantastical floral headpieces, so I wanted to spotlight the fanciful world of flowers-on-people’s-heads! You don’t need to be a bride to plop some flora on your noggin either – every day is an excuse to be fancy.

⇒ I wish I could tell you where this headpiece came from, or who the model and photographer are, but like a lot of posts on tumblr this was uncredited. Still, beautiful!

⇒ I adore Grandiflora‘s flowers-as-headwear! This is from a shoot in Vogue Australia.

⇒ This stunning photograph was taken by inverselive.

Sonya's birthday
⇒ My gorgeous friend Zoe sporting a floral headband by my other talented friend Kiki! She’s just opened up a store on under Elastic Wasteland. I’m waiting for Kiki to put up some of her headpieces so I can buy one!

⇒ Combining two of my favourite things: paper and flowers! Katsuya Kamo styled this headwear for Chanel’s Spring 2009 Couture Collection.

⇒ DIY some fancy: Grosgrain Fabulous graciously posted this tutorial on making felt poppies. I think you could easily turn these into an incredible headpiece. I’m going to attempt it in the next week!


  1. Hi Nat

    I have a heap of things left over from my Millinery days that might be useful for your design ideas.

    #1. Fabric stiffener (toxic but invisible and when it dries the smell goes and it’s permanently stiffened)

    #2. Fabric flower patterns

    #3. List of millinery supply places around town

    #4. Left over fabrics (incl. some in very funky vintage) and sinnimaies.

    Let me know if you’d like them and we can catch up for a coffee somewhere near your place. (My treat, I’m at a loose end for the next fortnight).



  2. Sounds awesome!
    I have some fabric stiffener, but I’m not sure I’ve used it correctly in the past. It ends up making everything look… plasticky I guess! I was having a scout around Spotlight this morning to find fray stop in a spray container but was totally unsuccessful – perhaps you could tell me if it even exists?!

    You have my email right?

  3. It does exist. I used it in millinery class. The problem with a lot of these things is that they are UNBELIEVABLY toxic.

    We had to wear masks when using it, and have a chemical extractor fan beside us.

    I was going to experiment with Shellac but never got around to it.

    I also had a recipe for a cheap stiffener made using white glue and cornflour that was really good, non toxic, and not plasticky (will find said recipe and email it to you)

  4. Just ‘googling’ away and came across this convo! :-) Am trying to figure out how to make fabric flowers more effectively. Is there a book or website you could recommend? I want to creat fabric flower bouquets but am becoming increasingly frustrated with fraying, wrong petal shapes and the list goes on… Would you be able to shed some light in anyway Kate??

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