Do you love where you live?

Brisbane awesome

I’ve been incredibly busy working AND playing in the last few weeks, and I’ve come to the conclusion (like I always do) that Brisbane is a fantastic city with so much going on. Growing up here, I’ve heard all the snide “big country town” references and watched friends and family move interstate and overseas to find their glory, but in my lifetime I’ve witnessed the city mature into a vibrant hub of creative activity. I want to be a part of Brisbane’s flurry of creativity, and invest back into the city that has invested a lot in me.

media six day 011

People who moan about there being nothing to do and no opportunity haven’t really opened their eyes, in my humble opinion. Just by grabbing any one of the free street press (mX, Rave, Scene, Time Off, Tsunami…) you’ll have access to any number of free and low priced events, and if you have an internet connection you can be even more plugged in with the fantastic Brisbane Creative Industries monthly events list!

Just in the space of one weekend I went to Brisbane Twestival, an all ages fundraiser with burlesque, cupcakes and bands; a talk by erotica authors at the Brisbane Writers Festival; saw incredible fireworks; and enjoyed a Chris Isaak concert under the stars. I feel so fortunate to be able to say that I am completely exhausted from all the fantastic things I did on the weekend.

Brisvegas, baby

I might grumble in summer when Brisbane’s cloying humidity drapes over me like a wet flannelette, but generally I love living here. Nick and I have discussed moving down to Melbourne, and at the beginning of the year we were seriously considering making the move for 2010, but I just don’t think I can bring myself to do it. My family and friends are all here, and I’m beginning to carve a niche for myself (slowly, with a butter knife!) too. To move to Melbourne would mean starting again socially and professionally, and as many artists flock to Melbourne… I mightn’t even get a look in! While I love Melbourne, it’s not my city and it’s not a city that’s undergoing rapid cultural growth like Brisbane. So I’ll stay here and reinvest my time and passions into the people and the city that have nurtured me!

Do you love where you live? If you could live anywhere… where would it be?


  1. I’m happy that you live here and you’re staying. I moved back after 5 years away and Brisbane has become the old and new friends I have and our connection and passion for our city and how we live in it. I’m lucky.

  2. I haven’t been to Brisbane since I was a little kid, but the climate definitely agrees with me – I grew up in Taiwan have an actual theory that I became conditioned to a tropical climate!

    I live in Geelong right now – people in Melbourne always moan about how far away it is, but it is closer to the CBD than some of the outer suburbs of Melbourne on the other side. I love living a hop skip and jump from the surf coast and the country, yet just a 50 minute train ride from the city. I love that living in Geelong, we can afford a house – would simply not happen in Melbourne.

    Downfalls – Geelong can be a bit backwards in various ways. There isn’t really any sort of creative community, especially of young people. There are a few groups of crafters, but they are usually elderly women making the same old quilts in the same old patterns with the same old fabric. Geelong also isn’t very connected – businesses don’t tweet or have websites, people don’t blog restaurant reviews or anything. It can be very frustrating, but I guess they will eventually have to step up or lose out.

    Woah, I am long-winded, sorry! xx

  3. I always get lost whenever I go to Brisbane…waaaaaaah

    Nah it’s a pretty good city, specially in winter as you guys all think it’s soooooo cold, but really it’s just nice weather..

  4. I’m a Brisbane girl who wanted to get out of here ’cause I used to think it was boring. So, I lived in Melbourne for six months and was surprised when I got incredibly homesick so I moved back here. I sometimes get a bit “homesick” for Melbourne, too. But whenever I go away, descending into the airport and seeing the Brisbane skyline always makes me misty-eyed for some reason. Actually, I know that reason. It’s my home, and it always will be.

  5. Love it. Love the events and my slightly shabby village of a suburb, love drawing it and writing about it and how it is so green and covered with trees and has streets like tiffany lampshades.

  6. Some of the artwork is really cool. Sadly most of Newcastle’s CBD needs a whole lot more than what’s on offer…and with GPT being all but broke I doubt the CBD and Hunter St Mall in Newcastle will see any improvement in the next 5-10 years.

    It is good to see some parts of the community trying to do something about the cities ugliness.

    To put it bluntly, most of Newcastle’s CBD area is a shit hole!

  7. I live in the outer suburbs of Brisbane, and I do love it here, definately feels like home. I wish I had more time to learn about the city history, I reckon it would be quite interesting.

    I’ve definately noticed a difference in cultural events, maybe I’m just more tuned in than I used to be though :P

  8. Mat, I do have such a place in my heart for Newcastle so it makes me so sad that it has fallen so far. I was really heartened by the Renew Newcastle project but you’re right, they can only do so much – Newcastle needs investment and industry and jobs again :(

  9. Jackson, Michigan is my hometown. I love Jackson. But, I spend most of my time in Kalamazoo, Michigan (because of university). There are a lot of things to do in Kalamazoo, but I don’t love Kalamazoo so much because I endure 6 months of below freezing weather and lake effect snow.
    Jackson on the other hand is such a neat place. But, most of the people who live there fail to see that (I blame it on the fact that they’ve grown up there). There are the most amazing small restaurants, and small but prominent art community, and it has both acres and acres of beautiful farm land, and miles of downtown/city.
    I’ve lived a lot of places. Jackson, MI is my favorite place I’ve lived. I’ll be sad to leave it once I graduate.

    Oh, I suppose that’s enough rambling…

  10. Bendigo for the win!
    I have lived in a few cities in my time ( even in China!) and I would never want to live anywhere else. it is still virgin territory when it comes to carving yourself a niche, and not so far from Melbourne to not pop down there for a day :)
    love it!

  11. I live on NSW’s central coast. I’ve lived here basically my whole life (except for a 11 month stint in Canberra, the armpit of Australia).

    Cons: it’s a bit bogan, it’s a long commute to Sydney (where I work), it’s a nightmare for someone (read: me) who doesn’t drive.
    Pros: it’s a bit bogan (let’s face it, I’m a bit bogan), it’s quiet, the people are friendly and I live down the street from the beach. Part of the reason Canberra was such a nightmare was living so far away from a beach.

    I’m not sure where I want to end up. In the next few months, I’ll be moving to Sydney with the Boyfried. In the slightly longer term, we’ll be moving to London for a spell.

    We’re still young and not sure what we’re doing with our lives. I think we’ve got a bit of nomadic living ahead of us, but I’m fairly certain Sydney (and its coastal surrounds) will always feel like ‘home’.

  12. Man I literally just wrote an “I love Brisbane” blog! I started writing it a week ago but only bothered to put it online just now. Well Brisbane is a damn fine city and I am glad other people feel the same way!

  13. I live in Oxford, England – and I’m about ready to leave… Oxford’s an incredibly beautiful town, but with 2 universities here, there are simply too many damned students!! I’m only 29, but I’m getting a bit tired of being the oldest person at the bar.

    I’ve visited Australia and thought it was AMAZING, although I don’t think I could live there and deal with the monster spiders. I *know* that’s absolutely pathetic and v British, but I saw a Huntsman whilst I was in Oz and it was like something from fricking Alien.

    I’m from North Yorkshire, originally, and my heart will always be there. I studied in London and loved it… I’ll probably move there next as job opportunities are better, but I also think it’s an amazing city. I’ll return to the north when I’m a bit older, I think…

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