In search of: plus size vintage


Daydream Lily posted about Renee and Angela‘s new venture, {twin set}, which is an online vintage fashion store with some really gorgeous pieces. If you are bigger than an AU size 18, you might have discovered that plus size vintage is pretty scarse. As a result, I am so used to dismissing straight sized fashion because it does not apply to me; however, this morning I was stuck on the idea of finding gorgeous plus size vintage garments so I have been trawling through etsy. Here are a few finds of my own:

thrush vintage
Thrush Vintage

hissyfitoly vintage inspired
Hissyfit – vintage inspired

Angel’s Vintage

Nena's Cachivaches
Nena’s Cachivaches

Thick and Thin Vintage

The Vintage Mistress

thevintagemistress 2
Also by The Vintage Mistress – EPIC SEQUINS.

graybird vintage

Dress Up Doll Vintage

peachypipes vintage
– lots of cute stuff!

Have you come across any vintage plus size fashion sellers (on Etsy and otherwise) in your travels? Please do share!


  1. I am up to page 65 of 95 pages of trawling for plus sized vintage on Etsy (clearly I had nothing to do today). Found a fair amount of stuff! I was quite surprised, tbh.

  2. I had great luck yesterday at the op shops in Paddington. I bought a size 18-20 yellow, blue, red dress (that I may wear to BTUB this week) for $2.00! Plus 2 matching belts (another $2 each) and a wooden beaded necklace (for $2 again).

    The place? “Hey Hey it's Yesterday”.

    I may have to trawl again today as my recent eBay purchase (for a luncheon tomorrow) hasn't arrived yet!

  3. thanks so much for the shout-out!! please come by my shop for free shipping in return (yep, even overseas.)


  4. it's my own revolving collection, for the most part. i take little trips all over the states, searching high and low for PRETTY plus size vintage (there's so much ugly plus size, unfortunately. i don't bother with that.)

    at any rate, if you see anything you like, let me know. this offer does not expire!

  5. This is awesome, I'd not heard of a lot of those before – thank you! Ebay tends to be my go-to place for vintage, with a couple of favourite sellers who manage to source plus size stuff:

    Veronica's Vintage:… (I believe she posts as dearrose on the fatshionista community)

    Libertine's Vintage:

    Obviously there's more straight size stuff around in both shops, but I've definitely seen dresses up to size UK30 there!

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