Fanciful Friday: Friday Fance

In my head I’ve been calling these posts “Friday Fance”, and in fact I’ve been using “fance” as a word a whole bunch more lately. I hope my readers know what I’m talking about when I bust out the fance. Someone call Oxford, we have a new word!

Today I want to talk to you about your hair. Truly one’s hair is like the cherry on top of a cupcake: your fancy demeanor is never complete without a truly fanciful coif. Let me show you the way of the fance courtesy of the best selections from my new favourite site Don’t Judge My Hair.

This is why I’m growing my hair long. This woman has truly leveled up her fance!

(I’ve actually been breaking out the side bun with scarf quite a bit lately!)

The crimped fringe reminds me of a beaded door curtain. So mysterious, so fancy.

I am envious of his root lift.

I blame my misspent childhood for thinking this is incredible.

I’m still not dissuaded from shaving the side of my head.

I wonder if it all sounds like crashing waves up in there.

Her stylist was able to give her some fabulous height!


  1. Love the Nautilus. Love it. I have flat hair. This post makes me wanna get me some mousse asap, thanks!

  2. Natalie!
    I can't believe you missed the obvious comments?
    Photo 1 – “I like hair, hair I like. My hair in the air is there like mike. Mike and I like fancy hair that hangs in air with flare…” you can make up the rest.
    Photo 7 – I think this one should be called the Sigourney Weave.
    Photo 8 – Ohh noooo, not enough fibre in her stylists diet.

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