Let’s play a game

Now tell me what these flowers are?

We went to the markets this morning and I bought some more mystery flowers! Remember the mystery flowers from last Saturday? Amongst the suggested species: sweet pea, snapdragon and ranunculus; but the closest suggestion was from ozjoe who said they could be Stock flowers. The photo on the wikipedia page wasn’t convincing but after browsing Google image search I’m beginning to think they could indeed be a variety of them!

Now tell me what these flowers are?

Now I implore you to continue the greenening of my opposable digit! What are these flowers? They have a very sturdy flower head with stiff, card-like petals. I remember these from my childhood as being the scratchy things that would rudely brush past us whenever we would trample people’s gardens.

I could ask the flower sellers at the markets… but that’d take the fun out of the game and deny you the opportunity of being a smart arse ;)


  1. They remind of what I remember was paper flowers which used to be around my primary school but in shades of yellow/white but when I googled I couldn't find anything so now I feel like my memory is playing tricks on me :P

  2. When I was a kid we called them Paper Daisies…they're fabulous…last for agggeessss….just stumbled into your site and enjoying the fanciness…

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