Friday Fance: Random Fance

Daily Drop Cap
⇒ If you move in the typographic circles online, no doubt you’ll have gotten wind of this already but I wanted to show you Jessica Hische‘s project called Daily Drop Cap. She’s an incredible letterer(erererer)! F stands for “Fancy”, indubitably.

⇒ If you like photobooths and fetishising French quaintness, you will probably lose your shizz over La PhotoCabine.

Oh My Cavalier
⇒ I would like to do my hair like this (even though I’ve been thinking of cutting it!) Julianna Swaney‘s little drawings are just so beautiful.

⇒ I found this illustrated cover by Willy Pogany on tumblr, and traced it back to where it was posted on The Pictorial Life, a blog that has tonnes of gorgeous illustration!

⇒ Jeremy Clarkson is hot, there I said it. I posted this unaltered picture to tumblr because it looked suss and dear Shaun came along and managed to make it G rated AND fancy in one fell swoop. Well done, chap!

⇒ What a stunning idea for a piece of jewellery! I wonder if all those books were hand bound… it must have taken forever. This was found via Chainsaws and Jelly.


  1. wow what a cool necklace! at first i was like, “wow that model needs to moisturise! her skins all cracked”….. i then realised it's a mannequin haha

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