Love for Michel Gondry

I am pretty terrible about paying attention to things; I don’t go out of my way to watch films or read books… rather I just sort of observe, watch, read and absorb things as they come along. It might sound like a rather passive way to enjoy life, but too often I feel under pressure to do this or watch that or go here and see there. There is so much in this world to consume for our visual, aural and intellectual joy, and to partake of everything that everyone recommends would be a full time job! I find it very much adds to my delight as I incidentally happen across wonderful interactions with art and media.

Tonight The Science of Sleep was showing on SBS and I decided to watch it despite being super exhausted from being out on a boat all day (which was awesome!) I was so utterly enthralled throughout the movie and was reminded again that Michel Gondry has quite a touching and fearlessly inventive way of illustrating stories through moving pictures. Upon finishing the film I raced to YouTube and was reminded of all the video clips he’s directed that I’ve loved but completely forgotten about, so I wanted to share a few with you.

I have to include this Radiohead video even though it’s hosted by myspace… When I first saw this video I was obsessed with watching it closely just to see all the detail in it.

There are a heap of other clips that have had embedding disabled on YouTube, like Everlong by the Foo Fighters and Around The World by Daft Punk. Here’s a list of the videos Michel Gondry’s directed, go and seek them all out!

I like going to bed tired but filled with inspiration, thank you Monsieur Gondry.