Nana Chic and Finders Keepers

OOTD - Nana Chic

Today I went to the Brisbane Finders Keepers markets on a whim, despite being apprehensive about being amongst such talent and gorgeous knick knackery. I got this vintage dress in the mail last week, so I decided to seize the day (and the overcast weather) and wear it out before it gets really really hot. “Nana chic” really appeals to me so I am very glad to have another dress that I can wear with my pewter patent “Nana shoes” (even though they give me blisters!) I’m squinting in the photo because I thought my sunglasses completely wrong for the outfit, thus you get this furrowed brow!

Dress – beesipea on etsy
Shoes – Roberto Figini
Belt – Yours Clothing
Bag – Satchi

New haircut
You might notice I look slightly shorn on one side… After agonising over this hairstyle for a month or so I decided to go ahead with it. Most of my friends know I care approximately naught for what other people think about what I do with my body and I’m pretty sure it’s a hairstyle that divides opinion, but I’m really enjoying it so far!

My favourite stalls from the Finders Keepers Brisbane markets included:

  • Kim Wallace of Udessi – lovely ceramics pressed with doilies and pieces of lace.
  • Cherrymorris – an accessory label featuring these fantastic cast pewter pieces.
  • Miss Amy Lane – very whimsical millinery that I was completely drooling over. Had I the money, I would commission a top hat for my husband because it would look so awesome on him!
  • Lola & Bailey – jewellery designers who have created pieces I have lusted after for years! I actually bought a Dial D necklace today, and I’m already planning outfits around it!
Lola & Bailey necklace
My new Lola & Bailey necklace! ♥

I also went past the Leeloo stall but I was too shy to go up and say hello. I’m such a fool! I could have let Angela know that my Once Upon piece might be a day late, as I posted it on Friday. Nick thinks I’m totally silly for not introducing myself!

I’m glad I went to the markets, but I do feel like I ought to be stepping my game up a bit – to use an oft abused phrase! I have so many ideas but I just don’t know how to even begin to start manufacturing things… so I end up making a huge amount of prototypes and then store them away somewhere, or give them away to my loved ones. I keep thinking “if only I had enough money to do x” or “if I had enough capital I could set up a store” and I always trip myself up over details and get so overwhelmed that I keep my plans on a shelf. Next year I am going to start creating as much as possible, and putting those things up for sale straight away without worrying about creating a whole stable of products first. The most important thing is to at least start selling things in order to build up a bunch of money I can do even more fabulous things with. It’s exciting and scary, and I’ll probably need your moral support!


  1. I'm definitely glad I went to the markets and only wish that it was a permanent thing. There were so many pretty and amazingly different things there. I am kicking myself for not giving into temptation and buying something by Kim Wallace but I did get something at the maiwaku stall.

  2. what a lovely dress! I have two questions about your new hairstyle (just because i'm nosey): how often will you re-shave it, and do you plan on bleaching it to match the rest of the blonde?

  3. I'm not sure how often I'll need to re-shave it, but I suspect it'll be every month. It's already growing out quite rapidly.

    I'm tossing up between staying blonde and going another colour at the moment, but I'll probably do the colour all over.

  4. oh! I am glad you enjoyed your first Finders Keepers experience.
    the necklace is gorgeous! as is your Nana Chic!

    Maybe next time we can say hi, but I totally understand how scary it is to say hi to peeps in those situations. It took me AGES to come out of my shell so to speak, but once you do, it is great feeling!

    Renee xx

  5. wow, some great stuffd at that Udessi website

    and you should really start showing the stuff you make!! your drawings are so lovely so im sure it would translate into other things you create too!!!

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