Where the clothed thing has been

I have been lax in the outfit-photo-taking department lately, and I have a bunch of things to show you but I just haven’t gotten around to pestering my husband to take photos. This week I got two OOTD shots, horah! They aren’t anything especially fancy, but I offer these to you in the spirit of oversharing life’s banalities on the internet. Yay!

Got anything blacker?
Top: Yours Clothing
Skirt: Yours Clothing
Tights: Big W
Shoes: Spendless (they have a pointed toe but my husband cut them off!)
Necklace: Lola and Bailey
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage

Consumer ootd
Tunic: Evans
Jeans: Smile Land
Shoes: Evans
Necklace: Made by me
Glasses: Giant Vintage

Consumer ootd
I am totally in love with these Giant Vintage sunglasses, but I had to wrestle them into submission when I first got them because the arms were all wonky.

I saw Where The Wild Things Are this evening with a bunch of friends, and despite reading the book when I was little I couldn’t really remember the storyline. There were a bunch of hipsters who’d obviously been gagging for the film for months and sure there was loads of whimsy, stylistically speaking, but I pretty much adored the hell out of the monsters. Especially Ira!

This is the sort of movie that kids and adults can watch and it doesn’t get condescending, nor does it have that *nudge nude* here’s-a-joke-for-the-adults thing. It’s about how you react to what you can and can not control and using your imagination to explore things like anger and loneliness in a safe way – things that kids need to have experience with. I’d much rather encourage my children to watch and discuss this film than put them in front of horrid cartoons with little nutritional value and loads of patronising content! I’m pretty sure most kids have their own “wild places” so will be very familiar with the concept; it made me reflect a lot on my own wild place too. I used to pretend I was a sea creature, like a mermaid, and whenever I was upset I would hold my breath for the longest time, just swirling beneath the surface for as long as my lungs could hold out.

I do advise not to sit up the front of the theatre, the hand held camera work is really hard to follow if you’re up close! One of my friends had motion sickness from it, eep!