Paper and paisley

Paisley River

I love fiddly things that take hours to finish – it’s almost like a type of meditation for me (the girl who can’t shut her brain up to do actual factual meditation!) Recently I started playing with tiny bits of cut paper because I loved the patterns they formed as well as the meditative aspect. I’ve made a few cards with this technique to give to family members and friends, and I was thinking about selling similar ones on Etsy but I need to work on how much time I spend on each card while still maintaining the effect, because I know people probably won’t spend too much per card (even if they are pretty!)

Sunflower Sunrise

I may get out my Gocco and print up some designs in the next few weeks, ready for cutting and pasting tiny bits of pretty paper!


  1. Oh your drawings + cut paper work so well together! I get what you mean with how long each will take, so I think the Gocco is the perfect solution to that – and still far more 'hand-made' than scanning one finished card and printing it off with zero dimension.

    I always forget about my poor little print gocco. I guess I should stock up on some supplies before I can't get them anymore! Have fun :)

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