Black Milk: Leggings for fancy people

I love Black Milk leggings and I can’t be quiet about it any more. I’m currently getting some custom made leggings from another designer but one day I’m going to get some Black Milk on my legs. Probably when I move to Melbourne and can wear PVC without dying.

James, the head designer at Black Milk, will custom create leggings for clients on request, but because he’s based in Brisbane I have this fantastical notion of collaborating with him to create a proper plus size collection. i.e: My fat body, maybe some of my illustration printed on fabric, and his amazing stretch pattern drafting skills.

I can dream!


  1. Oh, brilliant! I'd seen his stuff before and drooled over them, but dismissed the site because the size chart only goes up to L. Now that I know he does custom stuff, I'm seriously tempted by the comic book leggings…

  2. You can dream & I'll be dreaming right alone with you! A colab between you two would be nothing short or AMAZING!

  3. i would die of happiness. on paper it seems profitable – many fats find skirts uncomfortable without tights, leggings, or at least shorts.

  4. On that note, the unfortunately named comfort shorts from Evans have been a godsend. They're black or beige mid-length tight shorts made out of the same material as stockings. They ride up a bit (=annoying) but they're perfect for summer when it is far far far far far too hot to wear tights.

  5. I would LOVE to have some Black Milk Plus! I am addicted to these looks and have some curvy friends who rock them out but alas they are just smaller framed than I am. I hope that you can make this come true!

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