My first toy camera

I finally picked up the processed photos from the first roll out of my new Holga! As was expected, not all of them are hits, but I suppose the only way to learn a new camera is to keep using it. The few that worked are quite lovely!

First two shots! This was taken in the courtyard of our unit – I love the leaves on this tree, they are the most lovely rusty colours. The second exposure is the grass and bush with small pink flowers.

Ballgames on Chrismas day
This is a double exposure, shot on Christmas day as my cousins were kicking a ball around.

Sheila's wallpaper
My mother-in-law shot against her fantastic lovely wallpaper. It looks like such an eerie photograph though!

The lights of Surfer's Paradise
And I had to take a long exposure as we drove through the bright lights of Surfer’s Paradise.

So, I’ve learnt a few things with this first roll:
• Put the batteries in before the film so I can use the damn flash!
• I’m clicking too far when advancing the film (I think that’s why there’s that dead space on the right).
• Use the flash when taking photos in low light (unless it’s at night time and I’m taking a long exposure on the Bulb setting).
• Tape the Bulb-Normal switch if I want it to stay on Normal. It tends to slide over.
• Only get the negatives developed at the shop – it cost me $24.95 for negs, a disc of scanned negs and one set of prints! I can scan negatives on my Epson scanner, and I don’t mind doing it myself if I can save money.


  1. That's really cool, I love the double exposure effect! I got a digital Harinezumi for Christmas so I'm lucky that I don't have to worry so much about the print costs – holds 4 gig.

    It doesn't give any control over exposure time though (I don't think) and because it's digital it would be hard to naturally create the double exposure look.

    Look forward to seeing more!

  2. I have recently become a Holga nerd myself (I got one of the pink ones for my birthday/Christmas) and am pretty excited when I hear other people have one (or you know, know what the hell a Holga is). I've taken some pretty cool pictures so far but I have so much experimenting to do. Some of my best pictures were taken while drunk actually, but it was a black & white film so maybe that was all it was.
    Anyway, I am VERY excited and hope you keep posting your photos!

  3. I just went in search of your flickr so I could see what sort of photos your digital Harinezumi took! It kind of looks like the quality that my first super cheap digital camera took in 2002, I wish I'd kept it now. The video I've seen out of it (upon a quick google) looks lovely!

  4. Do you have any of the photos you've taken online anywhere? I'd love to see. Does your Holga have a flash, and do you use it? I'm kind of anti-flash but my Holga has a flash with four coloured gels that you can switch and as I forgot to put the batteries in for this first film I couldn't try it out!!

  5. I should've linked sorry :)

    I haven't played with video yet – I've been meaning to read the manual and have a look – apparently the new model records sounds as well (but I really don't care for that).

    It succeeds in that I really wanted a digital that takes instant photos – doesn't wait to measure the environment etc. and it does that well, the only reason why I didn't go film was having to deal with getting it developed but it sounds like you might be taking care of that with just getting the film itself developed.

    Wonder if there is anywhere that offers that service really cheap.

    We should set up a Brisbane low-fi flickr group!

  6. These look great! I'm actually waiting for my holga to come in the mail. I'm getting a Holga 135 BC – what do you have?

  7. I love the second picture! Been toying around with the idea of getting a Holga camera, but still a wee bit unsure about it.. Though the second picture might have just changed my mind!

    Love your blog, looking forward to reading more!

  8. I have a 120 CFN – it has a flash with 3 coloured gels, along with “white”, so you can get interesting effects when you use the flash. I forgot to put in batteries before loading the first film, and the film I have now is black and white but I think the gels might act as a kind of filter anyway.

    The 135 BC looks interesting because it exposes the 35mm film all the way to the sprockets, from memory!

  9. After buying the Hipstamatic app for iPhone I totally understand that instant gratification with the low-fi payoff! I was almost convinced I wouldn't use the Holga again, but I've seen some nice things in this roll that I want to try and replicate in the future.

    A low-fi group sounds amazing, I'd totally contribute!

  10. The second picture is my favourite as well! I think it was the overcast weather that helped it along, and where I'm standing with the filtered light coming from behind my cousins. I really want to try and do more of the same in future rolls!

    And thank you! :D

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