ASOS Curve wriggles its way into my heart

The ASOS Curve collection was launched this week and after being initially disappointed in the line and its lack of adventure, I’m now quite seriously pining over a few pieces. What helped were the reviews by lovely bloggers Christina, Gabi and Sakina – seeing their styling really helped me to envision incorporating these basic garments into my wardrobe.

Currently I’m wishing for the above pieces, but the conversion from GBP to AUD is always a bitch. I love that flared jeans are coming back, because while skinnies are fun to wear (if only to bait derisive looks from those who are adamant that “skinny jeans” are only for “skinny people) I miss my flares of the late 90s. The black batwing dress looks a right disaster on the model, but when styled by Gabi it looks incredible!

I’m anticipating even better things from the ASOS Curve line, because their straight sized collection is full of wonderful pieces. Fingers crossed!


  1. Gabi does look good in all the clothes she styled but I'm pretty sure you'd look hot and I'd look okay. Cos we're awesome chicks and who gives a flying rats arse what other people think. I love the jeggings, I reallly hate jeans, they don't sit well on my bod (fat butt, smaller waist and slim (ish) legs) and I am short, but I like the way they look so I opted for jeggings. I live in colder climes than you so for this coming winter they will be great with my boots (got at boots for broads) and some long jumper type thingys on top. Batwings. gosh, I don't think I could pull it off.. Don't think I'll even try but if I find one in an op shop I'll give it a go :D

  2. I reviewed some Curve bits on my blog at I know I'm not as popular as Gabi etc but it's still worth a look for anyone who is considering it :D I posted it on the fatshionista community and people over there are really loving the range so far.
    Good luck with Curve, would love to see you wearing a few bits.

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