Reclaiming baggy clothes

My friend Zoe held a clothes swap today for a handful of friends and I was totally unprepared and didn’t bring anything to swap, but gladly took a chance to spend the afternoon with friends. So while I look a bit pouty in this photo, I’d perked up considerably by the afternoon!

I wasn’t really in the mood to wear tailored or tight clothing, so I opted for the baggiest garments I own. Sometimes it’s nice to reclaim shapelessness and forget about pursuing a “womanly” silhouette (which is usually code for an hourglass shape that only a percentage of us actually have!) I used two pieces from the Ezibuy Wardrobe Challenge, threw a baggy tunic top over it all and was super comfy all day.

What I wore:
T-shirt – Sara
Tunic – Big W
Pants – Sara
Sandals – Evans
Sunglasses – Valley market vendor
Necklace – Lola & Bailey

"We're just posing because you told us to" Sonya's sailor dress
Zoe's skirt span Sexy Viv
I still recommend clothing swaps as a way of getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, and claiming garments that actually do!! Go organise one with your friends, family and workmates :D


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