Tempted by Jeffrey Campbell

Nick never understands how I can call shoes pretty. He thinks that they are functional objects that are designed to act as a barrier between your feet and the earth, objects that should be comfortable but rarely ever are. I think shoes can be pretty. They can also be magnificent, ridiculous, fantastic, even drab… but I do agree that they’re rarely as comfortable as they ought to be! Always having had a wide foot, my relationship with shoes is difficult. I love them, they can help you punctuate an outfit and describe exactly how you feel (or want to feel!) but so many wider fitting shoes are rarely fashionable. In recent years I have promised myself that I will only wear properly fitting, comfortable shoes that don’t contribute to grumpy moods and crippling calf aches that wake you up in the middle of the night. But I can look.

Recently I was turned on to Jeffrey Campbell shoes by Christina and Hayley, and I am pretty much so in love that I am willing to jeopardise my foot well-being. I think I will start off with a flatter shoe like the fuchsia Roller 2 or the taupe Warrier but I also adore the 99!

When I have enough dollary-doos saved up, I will contemplate this more seriously, but until then I will gaze at this incredible footwear and daydream.


  1. My boyfriend is the same as your husband, he just doesn't understand. I'm very much in love with Jeffrey Campbell's designs! He has such an awesome range, plus I can't walk in stiletto's so the chunky platforms are perfect!!

  2. I just bought a bunch of target shoes for 75% off because they were pretty. Probably not going to last long, or be comfortable, but so pretty! And for like $15 each you can't complain!

  3. Target shoes don't work for me unless they're thongs! The shoes I've gotten from there really hurt my feet and my high arches. It sucks because they're often on sale!

  4. I'm really tempted, by those 99's but I think the narrow toe would kill me, heres hoping EVANS or Torrid do a wide width range of these, I would spend a bucketload on the style if they did.

  5. LOVE your site, love the image you made of our shoes!!! GORG! We are working on selling more stores in OZ…TUSHUZY in bondi carries more and more each season!!

    Love from Team Jeffrey Campbell

  6. WE LOVE YOUR BLOG..and are happy you like our shoes!
    we are selling more and more in OZ, one great store in Bondi Beach, TUSHUZY is carrying more and more each season!


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