Your work area

We don’t have much space in our apartment, but I have the privilege of being able to take up a whole room for my nefarious creative activities. Working anti-clockwise: one corner is filled with my computer and desk, with printer and scanner; a filing cabinet is tucked next to the door; right beside that is my sewing cabinet; and the last corner has my other work table. I divide my time mostly between the computer and the other table, and it has a few purposes.

Multipurpose desk
This is how it looks by default. I use a slanted drawing board to help with my RSI, but if I’m doing general crafts or Gocco printing I remove it and put it under my desk so I can use the whole desk to cut, paste, print and assemble.

Multipurpose desk
I also use it to photograph small things inside my lightbox, kindly given to me by my friend Bec before she moved away from Brisbane.

I would love to have a work area like Martha Stewart’s, it is My Dream Work Room. It deserves capitalisation!

We spend so much time working (especially if we love what we do) that it seems silly not to indulge ourselves in a fantastic space! Unfortunately being a renter we don’t really get to have a say in the wall colour or anything really that involves putting holes in the walls. Ideally I’d have a room with lots of natural light and ventilation, bogloads of storage space and shelves, and big wide desks!

Do you have any requirements for your dream work area? I’d love to hear them.


  1. i think a lot of my future career time will be spent online and even though now i dream of it, one day i will definitely get an awesome huge desk with a COUCH yes a COUCH behind it! if i'm going to spend hours online doing work i want to be in ultimate comfort. my mum seems to think that it wouldn't be supportive of my back but i would find one that is and have some awesome cushions to have as well. if i ever get mega rich or just feel the need i'll get a massaging cushion/chair too mmmmmmmmmmm yes

  2. I feel ya on trying to make the most of tiny spaces! I love what I do, and I spend a WHOLE lot of time doing it, so my dream sewing studio would have at least 4 BIG cutting tables, some industrial machines, lots of room for racks and displays,lots of windows and all white everything.I know it may never happen…but a girl can dream…

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