Lunch outfit and new hair

Pub lunch

Dress: City Chic
Boots: Torrid
Sunglasses: Giant Vintage

I went out for lunch with my family at their soon-to-be local pub on the weekend and decided to break out the paisley dress. Everyone usually has a giggle when they see me wearing this!

When I can afford new clothes I’ll be buying more floral dresses and brown boots that aren’t so slouchy so I can rock my bad 90s self through winter 2010. It’s just a thing I feel I need to do!

You’ll also note my new hair style – I had to cut a bunch of length off because it was so wrecked (if you DIY dye you’ve got to remember to DIY condition too!) I went to the Brisbane School of Hairdressing where the lovely Yoko cut my hair. I was a bit nervous because of my shaved side, and rightly so, because pretty much all the supervising hairdressers were aghast at it. Whatever I do what I want! Yoko was fantastic about it though, and did a great job on a challenging asymmetrical cut.

I have since dyed it a medium brown with a flash of blonde at my fringe. I can’t break my DIY habit!


  1. I was thinking about a dress like that. I wasn't sure since I normally wear solid colours. I haven't worn floral/paisley for ages. Do you like it? Feel comfy? I want some for winter too only it snows here so big boots and double tights and perhaps a turtle neck and coat..ha ha, what's the point of a pretty dress then? For when I go inside @ work and they have the heating pumped and I sweat like a stuck pig. MMM. Love the hair. I DYI my colour all the time, but I do condition.

  2. Love! all my favourite hair cuts have come from students, they are scared of stuffing up and are bursting with ideas it can be a great or awful combination, it looks so great.

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